Parenting Program

Accidental Litter Initiative: A program for pet owners with accidental litters, offering free spaying for the mother and ensuring the entire litter is vetted and adopted through the shelter. This initiative, distinct from stray/community cat programs, requires the surrender of all puppies or kittens to control pet population effectively.
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About Pawsitive


This program is designed for owners of personal pets who have experienced an accidental litter. The entire litter, whether puppies or kittens, must be surrendered to the shelter for vetting and adoption, while the mother will be spayed at no cost by the shelter. Requirements include that the mother must be an owned pet. This program does not apply to stray or community cats, which are covered under a different program. Upon enrolling in this program, it is mandatory to surrender all puppies or kittens to the shelter. Distributing them independently undermines the program's objective, which is to curb overpopulation by ensuring all offspring, as well as the mothers, are spayed or neutered.