Dog Training




We're offering low-cost dog training webinars for just $15 each, covering a wide range of topics such as barking, puppy issues, leash walking, resource guarding, and more. Each session is led by a professional dog trainer from Waggin' Good Dog Training and includes a Q&A segment at the end. The webinars are recorded, and participants will receive 90-day access to these recordings. All proceeds are dedicated to supporting the Humane Society and the animals in its care.   

Bark Line Helpline is another new low-cost dog training help we are offering this year in hopes to help more dogs stay in their homes. Here's how it works; You'll schedule a 30-minute phone call on our Calendly link to speak with a certified dog trainer. Due to time, you will need to pick 1 subject for 1 dog to talk about it for each call. After you schedule and pay for the call, you'll be asked send an email with more details. After the call you will receive written instructions or link to a video to help you with the issue. Each call is just $15 and ALL proceeds benefit the Humane Society. To receive your link, please message us on social media or call us (937-393-2110) for info.